The Legend of the Blue Sea
Clasificación 8.3

The Legend of the Blue Sea

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Remember the Blue Sea, Pooreun Badaui Junsul, Pureun Badaeui Jeonseol
Estado: Completed Red: Publicado en: Nov 16, 2016 - Jan 25, 2017 Duración: 60 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 20 Director: Reparto: , , , , ,

Sinopsis The Legend of the Blue Sea

How can a mermaid from the Joseon era survive in modern society?

Shim Chung is a mermaid who follows her one true love, a nobleman’s son named Kim Ryung from the Joseon Dynasty, to modern-day Seoul. Ryung’s modern doppelgänger is Heo Joon Jae, a highly skilled scam artist who first becomes interested in Shim Chung because of a jade bracelet worth $6 million that Shim Chung wears.

With nowhere to go, Shim Chung is taken in by Joon Jae, who also finds his con partners, Jo Nam Doo and Tae Oh, hiding out in his home from a vengeful past victim of their scams. Shim Chung discovers a rival for Joon Jae’s heart in Cha Shi Ah, a researcher at KAIST who deals with ancient artifacts.

When a dangerous killer named Ma Dae Yeong, sent by Joon Jae’s stepmother who wants to make her own son the heir to Joon Jae’s fortunes, can Shim Chung survive her strange new environment while also helping Joon Jae avoid the dangers that await him?

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~~ Inspired by the Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical tales contained in a short story anthology "Eou Yadam" (어우야담) by Joseon-era scholar Yoo Mong In (유몽인).


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