Sugar Sugar Honey

Sugar Sugar Honey

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Estado: Ongoing Red: País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 10 Director: Reparto: , , , , ,

Sinopsis Sugar Sugar Honey

Mizuki is a marathon runner forced to hang up her running shoes and find a job in the “real world.” She’s been laser-focused on running her whole life and developed very little in the way of social skills, totally neglecting any thoughts of a love life. Her love for sweet food is the only thing that brings her joy.

When Mizuki takes a job at a high-end hotel, she turns out to be hopeless at it. With no experience or natural talent for customer service, she makes gaffe after gaffe. One day, she crosses paths with Kaji, a genius pâtissière who works at the hotel and has a reputation as a womanizer. Infuriated at how badly her post-running life is turning out, Mizuki vents at Kaji. Iinstead of angering him, her tirade inspires Kaji, who appoints her as his new taste taster.

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~~ Adapted from the manga series "Sugar Sugar Honey" by Suzuki Yufuko (鈴木有布子).


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