Our Love Triangle

Our Love Triangle

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My Boyfriend x My Friend, Naejjagnam x Naljjagnam
Estado: Ongoing País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 10 Reparto: , , , ,

Sinopsis Our Love Triangle

Hae Lin is a university student who has just landed in a complicated romantic quandary. She recently partnered with a junior named Woo Jin at a freshman event. And ever since, she has noticed feelings welling up – almost certainly the pull of attraction. At the same time, the man she had a crush on in her school days – Eun Hwan – returns to university with a bout of memory loss. Eun Hwan left the university some two years ago after an unpleasant incident that he cannot remember. He has since completed his military service. And when he meets Hae Lin again, he appears keen to pick up the relationship where they left off. Hae Lin feels her heartstrings being pulled in two directions at the same time. Will Cupid resolve this complicated love triangle – or are these young people on the road to heartbreak?

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