Oh My Venus
Clasificación 8.2

Oh My Venus

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Oh My God, 오 마이 갓!, O Mai Bineoseu
Estado: Completed Red: Publicado en: Nov 16, 2015 - Jan 5, 2016 Duración: 60 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 16 Director: , Reparto: , , , , ,

Sinopsis Oh My Venus

Kim Yeong Ho is a personal trainer for Hollywood stars. He reluctantly comes back to Korea to face his family after a scandal with an actress. Even though he comes from a wealthy family background, he suffered a devastating injury during his childhood days. Now, he overcomes his problems with living a healthy lifestyle. Kang Joo Eun is a 33-year-old lawyer who was once the beauty of her school, nicknamed "Daegu’s Venus". Over the years she has become overweight and unhealthy. She gets dumped by her boyfriend of 15 years.

Kang Joo Eun meets Kim Yeong Ho, who agrees to be her personal trainer to help her get healthier. As they work on her physical transformation, they both discover they have feelings for each other. As they grow closer, they heal each other’s emotional wounds and fall in love.


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