My Piggy Boss

My Piggy Boss

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Wo De Lao Ban Shi Xiao Zhu, 我的老板是小豬
Estado: Completed Publicado en: Feb 2, 2024 - Feb 4, 2024 Duración: 14 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 12 Reparto: ,

Sinopsis My Piggy Boss

Junior corporate worker Yang Xiao Zhu unexpectedly became the executive assistant to Zhu Xiao Yang, the president of a color light manufacturing company, who has to be at work every morning at six o’clock. After being sternly dismissed by Zhu Xiao Yang due to a work mistake, Yang Xiao Zhu found a cute little pig in the restroom. The next day, waking up, the pig that had been sleeping beside her turned out to be the naked president! It turned out that every day after sunset, Zhu Xiao Yang would transform into a cute little pig, and only a true love’s kiss could break the spell. Kind-hearted Yang Xiao Zhu, in a daze, accepted the commission from Zhu’s mother and started to attempt a romantic relationship with Zhu Xiao Yang, embarking on a cohabitation life. The two faced the vicious competition in the business market together, and their feelings grew warmer. However, the appearance of Zhu Xiao Yang’s college-era unrequited love, Bai Yue Guang, confused Yang Xiao Zhu’s mind. Coincidentally, several attempts of kisses between Zhu and Yang did not seem to work. Could it be that Zhu Xiao Yang’s true love was not her after all?

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