Love for Love’s Sake

Love for Love’s Sake

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Love Supremacy Zone, Yeonae Jisangjuui Guyeok, 연애지상주의구역
Estado: Ongoing Duración: 40 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 8 Reparto: , , ,

Sinopsis Love for Love’s Sake

Twenty-nine-year-old Tae Myung Ha experiences a bewildering twist of fate when suddenly finds himself transported into a fictional online game where he inhabits the body of a ninteen-year-old character. Soon, Tae Myung Ha embarks on a quest within the virtual world to bring happiness to a character named Cha Yeo Woon.

Despite his humble upbringing, Cha Yeo Woon has managed to excel in the national track and field championships, maintaining a remarkable reputation among his peers due to his handsome looks and athletic physique.

Cheon Sang Won hails from an affluent family and becomes emotionally entangled with Tae Myung Ha. His involvement adds complexity to the developing relationship between Tae Myung Ha and Cha Yeo Woon. Ahn Kyung Hoon, introverted and reserved, supports and assists Tae Myung Ha on his mission within the virtual world.

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~~ Adapted from the webtoon "Love Supremacy Zone" (연애 지상주의 구역) written by Aquram and Hwacha (화차), and illustrated by Kkokku (꼬꾸).


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