Hear Your Heart

Hear Your Heart

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Ting Jian Ni De Xin Sheng, 聽見你的心聲
Estado: Ongoing Red: Publicado en: Mar 31, 2024 - ? Duración: 10 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 12

Sinopsis Hear Your Heart

The flower shop owner and love consultant, Su Yi, has heterochromatic pupils. She can hear others’ thoughts. By a twist of fate, she meets Lin Xu Feng, who has returned to start a business in his homeland. After coincidentally encountering each other several times, they gradually develop feelings for each other. Unexpectedly, their true love’s kiss unlocks memories sealed for a thousand years. As their memories of past life grudges and affections awaken, what should they do in this present life?

(Source: Youku)


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