Happy Ending Romance
Clasificación 7.2

Happy Ending Romance

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Happy Ending Outside the Fence, Penseu Bakkeun Haepiending, 펜스밖은해피엔딩
Estado: Completed Publicado en: Nov 24, 2022 - Dec 15, 2022 Duración: 30 min. País: Tipo: Drama Capítulos: 8 Director: Reparto: , , , , ,

Sinopsis Happy Ending Romance

Cha Jung Woo might have had a bright future as a writer, had he not been unable to stay silent after witnessing corruption among his seniors. Unfortunately, by choosing to speak out against unscrupulous behavior, Jung Woo essentially ended his career before it had even begun. At least that’s how things would have gone, had Kim Jung Hyun not chosen to stand beside him.

One of the literary world’s brightest stars, Jung Hyun is not frightened off by Jung Woo’s tarnished reputation and offers him a refuge in which to reconsider his future. Strongly protective of his young friend, Jung Hyun is more than a little wary when Jung Woo is approached by the enterprising young publisher, Han Tae Young. Firmly believing that Jung Woo must write again, Tae Young is prepared to risk his own future in bringing this about, and makes Jung Woo an offer he cannot refuse. But Jung Hyun isn’t convinced that Tae Young’s motives are entirely noble.

Fueled by jealousy and suspicion, Jung Hyun tries to keep Jung Woo away from the ambitious publisher; but despite all his efforts, Jung Woo seems unable to resist Tae Young’s many charms. Torn between the writer he looks up to and the publisher he can’t resist, where will Jung Woo’s wavering heart land?

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