Born to Be Y

Born to Be Y

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Born to Be Y the Series, Born To Be Y นายที่หนึ่ง

Sinopsis Born to Be Y

The story of 14 contestants who audition to compete in Born To Be Y, a program that searches for the best couple of the year to work together on a giant project.

"When different people, different places, different feelings Must come and live together Various stories So a lot happened. It can’t be stopped!" Inside the house, there are 4 seniors in the entertainment industry as coaches and mentors, and there are 4 local "Teen Idol" Trainees from the label who are there to help trouble each other.

Stories, dreams, friendship, love, commitment and many more feelings. So it happened in "Born To Be Y The Series", a semi-reality series. that will make you feel every feeling with them

(Source: Well Thailand YouTube)

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